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An ideally functioning refrigerator is an essential aspect of your home, providing the ability to store delicious ingredients that can be used to create heartwarming meals for your loved ones. But sometimes, a problem can occur, causing your refrigerator to stop functioning properly. Some of the most common problems that can happen with your refrigerator are the following:

Most common refrigerator repair problems
  1. Ice buildup in the freezer
    Sometimes, warm air or moisture comes into contact with your evaporator coils inside your freezer, causing the coils to freeze this moisture and create excess ice in your freezer. Leaving your fridge open for too long or placing hot food in the freezer are common causes of ice build up in the freezer.

  2. Water leaking from the refrigerator
    A clogged defrost drain or a blocked water line are usually the two most common causes of water leaking from your refrigerator. To resolve this issue, you can try turning the fridge off and checking the waterline for any damage. If it is significantly damaged, our certified technicians are able to replace the waterline.

  3. The fridge is constantly cycling
    If your refrigerator is constantly running, it can be extremely noisy and increase your electricity bill by a substantial amount. The constant running of your refrigerator is usually caused by an excessive amount of dust under the fridge and a faulty defrost timer. The defrost timer can be replaced by our certified technicians.

  4. The water dispenser doesn't work properly
    If your refrigerator comes with a built-in water dispenser, there is a probability that it will stop working. A frozen water tub, a defective water inlet valve, and low water pressure are all common causes of a broken water dispenser.

  5. The temperature of the fridge is too warm
    If your refrigerator is not cold enough to keep all of your food cold, your fridge may have issues with its coils. Clogged coils and a blocked condenser fan are common causes of a fridge that is too warm. Our certified technicians are able to clean out the coils and make sure your refrigerator is working properly.

These problems and many more can simply be resolved with the skillful work of our certified technicians. Our technicians are trained to restore your refrigerator to its original state and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Buying vs. fixing

Buying brand new refrigerators can often be costly and difficult. A number of issues can arise when buying a new refrigerator. There could be low inventory of refrigerators, so you might have to wait a couple months or more for your desired model. Another thing to consider are the differences between newer models and older models of refrigerators. Older model appliances tend to be better quality than newer models, so it is worth fixing your older model, rather than paying for a newer model that will break in a faster time. However if your fridge is unrepairable or new parts are unavailable, we would recommend the following brands, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and GE. These brands are known to be reliable and have the fewest problems. Buying your new refrigerator from Costco will also save you some money as well. Costco has a long warranty and the installation and delivery is, in most cases, included in the price.

Our technicians use all the latest technology to analyze any and all problems that you might have with your refrigerator. No problem is too small or too large for us. You can always count on us to help and leave you satisfied with your newly repaired refrigerator.

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