Microwave Repair

Offering microwave repairs and services of all major brands in time and on your budget.

A microwave is an important feature that resides in almost every home around the world. Providing homes with the ability to warm up delicious meals that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones, a functional microwave is essential to your home. But when a problem occurs and your microwave is no longer able to provide you with warm meals, it is crucial to repair it so that it can complete its job for you.

Some of the most common problems that can happen with your microwave are the following:
  1. Microwave is not heating food properly
    The main purpose of a microwave is to heat up food, so it is important to fix your microwave as soon as possible. Usually, this issue is caused by a burned-out magnetron, which can be replaced by our technicians. Some other reasons that the microwave is not heating food properly is due to a faulty diode or broken door switch.

  2. Microwave makes noise
    If your microwave is making strange noises like buzzing, static, or scraping, there is most likely a problem with it. There are many causes of noise in the microwave. The drive motor controlling the rotating plate could be broken, the magnetron could be damaged, the rotating plate itself could be making noise as it moves, and lastly, the cooling fan could be defective. All of these issues can be resolved by the skillful work of our technicians.

  3. Microwave sparking
    If your microwave starts creating sparks, a number of things could be wrong. To prevent sparking, make sure you are not putting any metal objects into your microwave, like silverware or foil. Sometimes, sparking can also be caused by a broken waveguide cover or a faulty diode, caused by overuse of the microwave. In this case, our certified technicians are able to resolve this problem and repair your microwave.

  4. Microwave starts and stops
    If your microwave keeps stopping after a couple seconds, the door seal of your microwave is most likely broken. The microwave still thinks that the door is open so it stops. This is a simple issue that can be repaired by our certified technicians.

  5. Microwave plate does not spin
    The purpose of a spinning plate is to evenly distribute the heat across the food. This issue can cause your food to be unevenly heated, so it is important to repair it as soon as you can. This problem is likely caused by a broken motor, which can be replaced, or an issue with the microwave board.

  6. Microwave door doesn’t close properly
    Sometimes, an older refrigerator can stop closing correctly over time. If the door is not closing, heat and smells can escape the microwave and the food might not properly heat. This problem usually occurs because the screws and hinges on the door have loosened over time.

Our professionals use the most up-to-date equipment to diagnose any and all issues with your microwave. We can handle any problem, big or small.. You can always count on us to assist you and ensure that your microwave is repaired to your satisfaction.